Re: Installing F7 by CD and not by DVD

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Antonio Olivares wrote:

Who cares what Ubuntu, et.all provides.

Apparently people do in comparisons that I see in this list.

 Fedora had an
edge before (despite that people will complain, I'm
with you Ric in this one), it allowed users to install
applications that they will surely miss/or cannot fit
on a CD.  These same folks are on dialup and do not
have a fast internet connection.  With the yum presto
plugin, maybe that changes, but still fedora had a big
advantage to pick and choose the software with the
multiple cd's and dvd's.

I strongly believe that yum-presto and enabling live upgrades to be done better is much more easier than trying to add more variations into the pile of regular and live cd/dvd's. There is also a plan to evaluate integrating jidgo into the release process.

One of advantages of the LiveCD is to test the
hardware before you install, but it only has a limited
amount of software.  Should Fedora Board stick to
their guns, why not make a LiveDVD with as much
software as possible.  And if possible, also make a
special spin of cd isos as they had before.  This will
keep users happy and quickly forget the bad episodes.

This is primarily a release engineering decision. You have to take into consideration that mirrors won't be happy with more and more software to duplicated across variants and a torrent only release won't satisfy everyone since torrent is not allowed by misinformed ISP's or complaints about downloads speeds with not enough seeds in some instances.

At any rate more variants by default just won't scale at all. It causes mass confusion for rel eng, QA, documentation and importantly end users.


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