Somewhat OT: BItTorrent Documentation

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Anybody know where I can find the documentation for the Linux implementation of bittorrent (e.g. bittorrent-curses, bittorrent-tracker, maketorrent-console), the stuff you get when you say "yum install bittorrent" on FC6?

I figured out how to use ktorrent to download the F7 ISOs and then make them available for others, but I can only do that if I have the ktorrent client running... which is inefficient and rather not-so-easy to do if I'm 1000 miles away from my server.

I'd like to set up bittorrent to run continuously in the background and make the F7 ISOs available continuously over a multi-megabyte backbone in the Northeast, but to do that I need to figure out how to run the bittorrent components.

Tried "man bittorrent" and "bittorrent --help" and "info bittorrent" and searched throughout Google (the only two documentation links I found led to non-existent pages).

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