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At 9:00 PM +1000 6/2/07, Langdon Stevenson wrote:
>Just before I upgraded my fc 6.93 install to f7 approximately 124
>package updates were downloaded and installed by the package manager.
>It turns out that many of them are marked:  *.fc8.i386
>Since these packages have been installed many of my applications will
>not start.
>Can anyone tell me how to revert these packages to an earlier version?
>I would greatly appreciate any assistance

I think --oldpackage is the key.  Get a list of the offending packages:

    rpm -qa --last

and keep all the packages from that last mistaken update.  Download the
corresponding package from the F7 repo; a bit of editing might produce a
set of commands for either yumdownloader or yum with the downloadonly
plugin.  Install them all at once as a single command -- a single
transaction will avoid breakage -- with "rpm --oldpackage"; xargs may help
here.  Good luck and reboot ASAP!
TonyN.:'                       <mailto:tonynelson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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