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David Timms <dtimms@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

David G. Miller wrote:
> I've tried two different burners and the most data I can fit onto a > 700MB CDR seems to be about 733MB. The image for the x86_64 Fedora 7 > live CD is 780MB (817156096 bytes). Anyone have any suggestions as to > how to fit the x86_64 ISO image onto a 700MB CDR? I'm attempting to > write the ISO to either of: > > [root@bend ~]# cat /proc/ide/hdb/model
> CR-48X9TE (Mitsumi)
> [root@bend ~]# cat /proc/ide/hdc/model
> > using K3B and the blank CDRs are Memorex 700MB CDRs. The best result > was with the Sony DVD burner which managed to write 733MB before getting > an error. Is there a different media manufacturer who produces blank > CDRs with more capacity?
There are, but see below:

> Alternatively, can I just write the CD ISO to > a DVD+R?
Yes - I think that is the intent for the x86_64 images - it is just too much data:

You can use a 1GB flash drive !

Thanks Dave.  I'll either clear off a 1GB thumb drive or burn it to a DVD.

I noticed that my comment about the size of the image seems to have set off quite a lengthy discussion. Obviously, I missed the change to the documentation that said this was a "Live image" as opposed to a "Live CD image." I'll change my comment somewhat since going over what will fit on a CD seems to be intentional. This is still silly if not downright wrong. There are a lot more systems "out there" that only have a CD drive and no DVD drive. This is especially true of older systems that originally had W2K or XP and now the owner is faced with either buying a new system with Vista or staying with an older version of Windoze. I can't believe there isn't something that could be left out to bring the image below what will fit on a 700MB CD. If nothing else, there could be a separate "application" image that the user throws in the CD drive after booting once the "Live image" is already in RAM (this would also lower the RAM requirements for the initial boot from the Live CD). At the cost of the few people who will only run from the Live disk having to swap CDs, FC^h7 ends up being compatible with a much larger number of systems (only need a CD drive and a smaller RAM requirement).


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