Re: bittorrent speed way too low, what possible causes?

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stan wrote:
On Sat, 02 Jun 2007 12:50:10 +1000
David Timms <dtimms@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

stan wrote:

I used torrent to get the F7 live CD and DVD images.  And then let
it run overnight to seed.  I've tested my system with the online
speed sites and my upload is ~540 KB/sec.  My service from Cox says
512 - 2MB/sec.

Yet bittorrent-curses maxed out at around 70 KB/sec.  I used the
max_upload_rate = 0 to let it go at the maximum rate.
Hi, I'm in Australia, and have found the same thing while downloading the fedora 7 dvd iso.

 From past experience, you do need to be careful that:
1. you limit upload rate to about 65-75% of your upload capability.
This ensures that network packet congestion doesn't cause problems
with peer requests coming into your machine.
outbound bandwidth: 512 Kbit/sec
usable after adsl overhead: 400 Kbit/sec
usable after adsl overhead:  50 KByte/sec
set outbound torrent to say: 40 KByte/sec

I was seeding at this point, no inbound.  I tried various rates, no
2. Do you use a domestic NAT router ? If it wasn't designed with peer2peer in mind, in may have a limited session table of 100
sessions, or problems under high port forwarding condtions. In this
case you could try a router that is known to be better in the
peer2peer world.

No router, cable modem into hub to ethernet card.
3. I would imagine that dvd releases to the internet can lead to internet bandwidth problems for the ISP. If you are downloading, definitely use your own ISPs mirror if they have it, or in country mirrors. Also it might be possible to limit your peer locations to within your country ? {I don't know how}

Yeah, I think that is why they might be filtering.  And it isn't really
a big deal for me.  This is the first time I've really tried sustained
large uploads.  I assumed it would be what I paid for and they promised.
And I'm curious why it isn't.

What speed test site did you use to get the upload figure and is the figure repeatable at the moment ?

Do you have an local mates who is also on cox cable ? Ask if they would like to be a peer for some tests. On one machine share the iso {maybe rescue} with limewire, and connect / download by IP from the other. What speed can that reach ?

Do you have web space with your provider ? fire up gftp and upload a 100MB file, timing it {from memory gftp shows it in the bottom pane}.

I could also time a download from just for comparison, let me know {eg over ftp or limewire}.


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