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Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Sat, 2007-06-02 at 00:10 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
Aaron Konstam wrote:

I need to say this periodically. For those who don't have 11 hours to
waste your can get CDs and DVDs , no doubt , in a few days from: It is cheap and trauma free.
Let's see....

Wait 11hrs, 8 of them sleeping, or spend time ordering from cheapbytes and
wait, what, 48 hrs?  I think I know what path I'd pick.  :-)
Well each to his own way of doing things. You need to factor in the case
when after the 11 hours your DVD does not pass the mediacheck and you
need to start over.
Well, guess what?

It was less than 11 hrs.  I got plenty of sleep and it passed the media
check.  So, there was not cost.

Are you getting kickbacks?

No but if you read the web pages that Rahul referred to.

Fedora's advice is if you don't have a fast Internet connection and you
don't have a DVD drive you buy your media from a vendor.

Not having the CD images available for download will not go well with
those with older machines. I don't know what Fedora is thinking.

Incorrect. I have pointed out several times in this list that we provided Live CD's.


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