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Roo wrote:
Working FC6 installation... I use upgrade DVD

1. Complains that my dos partition can't be mounted. Ignore it.

2. Complains that it cannot find swap space... offers to reboot. Reboot...
same problem. I remove any reference to swap in /etc/fstab... and it seems
to work after rebooting

3. now Anaconda gives an exception while cataloguing the packages.
Classy... really professional that one. So  I remove blank lines from
/etc/modules.conf... reboot... works.

4. Now it finally gets to installing packages stage... but stops after the
first 8 or so have been installed. It doesn't lock the machine, anaconda
just stops. Reboot... and after sitting through 10 minute cataloguing
packages prep again, it carries on installing packages, for another 8 (or
so) packages and then stops. There are 800+ packages to install... you do
the maths.

Did you guys do any quality control at all on this? This is the worst
release yet. I'm staggered. Not only have you put out what it, at best,
alpha quality kernels... but the rest of the system was written by a bunch
of python n00bs.

I had a similar problem with trying to upgrade via the DVD. I resorted to going the yum upgrade route since the error was encountered during the test phase.

Overall, the FC7 version is great if compared to what rawhide was before the release. The installer just is not any good since it gives you a reboot prompt instead of tackling the problem with the installer.

A better alternative might be to be able to update a live system via the DVD without having to resort to figuring out how to overcome an installer that cannot bring sanity to a system that already worked in the past. If it cannot upgrade a working system, it is indeed broken.


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