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There will also be a full DVD release in there as well as the rescue one.  It is probably not fully rsync'd yet.  Choose another mirror to get it from. has it


On 6/1/07, jack wallen <[email protected]> wrote:
so i tried to get F7 today but i'm a bit confused. i go to the mirror
and navigate to:


then i find:


i assume the isos are in Fedora so i go there. i see:


i assume i've found it. so i go to i386 and see:


viola! not so fast. inside of the iso folder is:


i obviously don't want the rescue cd. so i back out and go to
/pub/ and then to
nope not it either. so instead i go to
/pub/ which looks
promising but still it's a live cd.

this has become very confusing. if i want to download the isos for F7
where do i go? i don't use torrent so that's no use to me.

i'm sorry but if the Fedora project is hoping to get new users with F7
this is not the way to do it. a link on the main page to Get Fedora
should be very simple to understand. and i'm not a new user...

what gives with this?
jack wallen, jr.
It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. - Voltaire

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