Re: problem with post install of Fedora when booting up to Gnome

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Does the computer have a PCMCIA card? And are there any other unusual problems with certain hardware, network interface works and everything? Unless something strange happened and it's conflicting, all odds are on that it's a hardware problem, personally I'd start by disabling unnecessary devices and see if it resolves.

On 5/31/07, Scott Berry <sberry@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello guys and gals,

My father's computer boots up to Gnome just fine after he enters his
password and username then it creates an error in tty1.  The error says:
Localhostlogin: Serial 8250: Too much work for irq 16.  It appears 4 times.
I am assuming here something needs to be shut off but what is is it and how
would you do it?


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