RE: New Mouse Install sans system-config-mouse

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> Tim:
> >> I've *NEVER* had good experiences with PS/2 mice and 
> Linux.  USB mice
> >> have been far less of a pain, and some USB mice have been the only
> >> mice that have worked without errors on some of my boxes.
> Aaron Konstam:
> > That is interesting since I have been using PS/2 mice for 15 years
> > with linux without a problem.
> Lucky you, there's been quite a few people post about mice that run
> about the screen, randomly.  Also, randomly clicking on things.
> Several different motherboards, several different mice, same problem.
> >  Have you configured xorg.conf properly. 
> Yes.
The problem often occurs when going through a KVM.  If I plug my
new mouse directly into the box, it works.  I went to run level 3
and ran "Xorg -configure" and it built a new xorg.conf file in
/root/  The FC6 machine set the mouse protocol to
"Auto" in the generated config.  When I hooked the mouse back up
to the KVM, it went back to running around randomly and clicking
on things.  I have used the KVM successfully for several iterations
of Fedora with my old 3 button PS2 mouse.

The nice thing about the old system-config-mouse was that it gave
you a list of mice from which you could pick a best match.  I have
not stumbled across this list elsewhere.  I am currently loading FC4 on
test machine and will see what kind of mouse configuration it 
comes up with for the new mouse.  I will then try copying that
to my FC6 machine and see what happens.

Bob S

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