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On Tuesday 22 May 2007, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I'm running dovecot on my desktop,
> and running kmail + IMAP on my laptops,
> specifying the desktop as IMAP server
> (the idea being to keep email on the laptops in sync).
> This has always had problems with kmail hanging,
> and now it has become completely unusable.
> I think the problem is that /var/spool/mail/* on the desktop
> has become too large.
> Does one really have to keep email in mbox format in this directory
> if running an IMAP server?
> Is IMAP incompatible with maildir format?
> Is anyone actually running a system like this?
> If not, how do you keep email on different laptops in sync?
> I used to share ~/Mail under NFS,
> and that seemed to work reasonably well,
> but I was told by my betters that I should use IMAP.
Timothy, ignore all that's being said about dumping KMail - it works perfectly 
with dovecot imap.  I use it all the time.

You appear to have a configuration problem.  Which version of dovecot are you 
using?  There are slight differences.  Dovecot's web site has a good deal of 
documentation, including sample configuration files.  If you are using 0.99.x 
dovecot I'd be happy to share my config file with you.  IIRC the main 
difference between that and 1.0.x is in the handling of sasl.



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