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François Patte <francois.patte <at>> writes:
> I am wondering if fedora will make a rpm package of xetex. tetex is now
> quite dead for it is no more maintained. xetex is a macOS X distro of
> TeX and is able to compile TeX files with True Type and Open Type fonts
> which is a nice feature to write texts in "exotic" scripts....
> I tried to compile from scratch xetex under fc6 but there are some
> compatibilities problems (names of "same" libraries and not identic for
> instance) and there is a problem to make ttf and ot fonts available for
> xetex.
> So my wish is: give us xetex with F7...

The plan is actually to move to TeXlive, not xetex, but it wasn't ready in time 
for F7, so it will only be in F8.

        Kevin Kofler

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