Re: OT? power reqs of DDR2 chips

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On Monday 21 May 2007 20:33:22 Ed Greshko wrote:
> Dave Stevens wrote:
> > I'm building a new box that will use a DDR2 2G reg/ECC chip. I need to
> > estimate power draw for the system and can't seem to find a reference.
> > Its Kingston Value Ram, if that matters. The box _will_ run Fedora.
> Are you saying you want to know the power draw of the Kingston DDR2 2G
> reg/ECC chip and the folks and Kingston can't help you?
> Even if that is the case, isn't the power draw of any memory chip
> negligible when compared to the rest of the system to the point where it
> has no meaning?
> Are you trying to decide what kind of PS to buy?
> And, oh yes, it is OT.

ok, Ed, it IS OT. The motherboard will take 64GB of RAM and two Opteron Socket 
F CPUs. Kingston is closed over the weekend and holiday, so I thought I'd 
query the list. The question really is how much power supply do I buy if I 
anticipate loading the board right up over its lifetime.


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