RE: How to make a batch file to start program and close the oldwindow?

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On Tue, 2007-05-15 at 14:34 -0400, Arch Willingham wrote:
> I tried that. After I did it, when you dbl click on the file, you see a screen flash by very quickly and then it disappears. I looked at the running processes and rdesktop is not running a running process (I'm from the Windows world and what I just typed may be barking up the wrong tree...I just took a SWAG and assumed if it was running t=in the background I would still see rdesktop running but Linux may not work that way).
> Arch
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> Arch Willingham wrote:
> > I made a Linux (FC7) batch file that starts a terminal server
> > session. The batch file (called contains these lines:
> > 
> > ------------------
> > #!/bin/bash
> > #######
> > rdesktop -P -f -u billybob -r printer:"printer4=HP Officejet 5600 series"
> > ------------------
> > 
> > The kicker is is that the black terminal window stays open. Is
> > there some command in the batch file that, in essence, just
> > starts/runs the other process and then lets the back box close?
> > 
> > Thanks!
> > 
> > Arch 
> > 
> I suspect that the shell is waiting for the rdesktop command to
> exit. You can try putting a & at the end of hte command and see if
> that does what you are after.
> Mikkel
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When you background a task with &, and then close the window, if the
task expects to have output, even for mundane messages, it will crash.
I know this from experience.  However, one workaround I have used is to
route the output to a file something like:

    rdesktop -P -f -u billybob -r printer:"printer4=HP
Officejet 5600 series"> temp.log &

    However, in some cases, depending on the shell program code, it will
redact all existing child processes, and free all memory on exit.  I am
not yet familiar enough with bash (old csh guy here) to know how bash
handles background processes.  Maybe man or info on bash can help you
out.  You might also google this question about bash to see if someone
has a real working example already done.

Les H

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