Re: Where Fedora Went Wrong (nice conclusion)

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On Tuesday 15 May 2007, David Fletcher wrote:
>At 12:31 15/05/2007, you wrote:
>>What are your comments? I feel simillar.
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>I have to agree too.
>Like I said in reply to Gene's posting about three hours ago, I'm
>annoyed that something that was functioning perfectly (on FC5) a few
>days ago is now screwed up and not working. To the extent that this
>morning I've wiped Fedora from the hard drive of the office computer
>and installed Dapper Drake. After running the updates and setting the
>screen resolution, when I plug a flash drive into a USB socket it
>mounts it and puts an icon to the drive on the desktop i.e. it "just
>works" like FC5 used to but now does not. As the blog says this must
>be down to a lack of attention to detail and not properly testing
>updates before they are sent out i.e. human error.
>I doubt whether fixing things like this will now be receiving much
>priority with the F7 release being imminent, which is a shame. IMHO
>there is nothing wrong with using a fast moving distribution like
>Fedora, but when a version is getting towards the end of its life it
>should be left alone in a fully working state that we can continue to
>use until ready to upgrade.
>Dave F

I have to violently agree with these thoughts Dave.  I've questioned if this 
is not some tactic to get us to upgrade by destroying the install we are 
currently running, just so they have a freshly minted test laboratory again.

Maybe that's being paranoid, but the facts certainly suggest it to anyone with 
a 3 digit IQ.

Cheers, Gene
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