Re: FC4 installaion bogged up WINXP

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On Mon, 2007-05-14 at 13:58 +0530, Deboo ^ wrote:
> I reinstalled FC4 thinking to do a clean text based install and to try
> to solve yum problem and report anything here.
> I already have debian installed with WinXP as dual boot. I installed
> fedora but did not let it install grub when asked. When I got the
> normal grub menu after install, I manually put in the parameters for
> root, kernel and initrd to boot in to FC4 and it booted fine.
> Booting debian also works fine but now when booting XP, it gives an
> error saying HAL.dll is corrupted and to resinstall the OS. Now what
> did fedora change to make this happen? Is there a solution to this? I
> just had reinstalled XP a few days ago and don't want to go in to
> reinstalling everything again.
> Regards,
> Deboo
What does your grub.conf look like?
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