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Guo Lin wrote:
> Thank you for replying.
> I play the same mp3 on my FC6 and WinXP on the same PC using the same
> speakers. But they sounds really different. I find the music turns
> crappy in FC6. I use default settings for the equalizers/mixers etc. For
> acapella music, it does not sound too differently between that in FC6
> and WinXP. The 'crappiness' of the music is more significant when the
> drums, bass, etc come in the music. The music sounds like it is played
> on old bad speakers.
> Sorry for my bad English. I hope you can understand what I am trying to
> express. ^.^"
> I just found out that when I play the mp3 in mpg321 in terminal, it
> sounds as good as it is played in Windows. But when the same song is
> played using other players, they sound much worse than that. I do not
> know what this could mean but I hope by stating this can help someone to
> identify the problem and eventually help me to overcome it. =)

Could you run "lspci -v" as root and post the output that is associated with
your sound card or sound hardware?

> On 5/13/07, *Tim* <[email protected]
> <mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:
>     On Sun, 2007-05-13 at 17:05 +0800, Guo Lin wrote:
>     > Hi, I am a very new user of Fedora Core 6. Since I started to use FC6,
>     > I notice significant difference in sound quality as compared to
>     > Windows.
>     > As far as I notice, the sound in FC6 turns noticably bad especially
>     > when bass comes in the music.
>     Beyond some fault causing distortion, I can't see why one would be
>     different than the other, it's the same hardware producing the sound.
>     The only think I can think of is:  Are you boosting the bass in Windows,
>     and noticing that difference?  I haven't seen tone controls on a Linux
>     control panel, and artificially boosting bass doesn't really compensate
>     for crappy speakers.
>     The other thing that springs to mind, is having a duff audio cable,
>     where the ground isn't properly connected.  Instead of getting left and
>     right signals, you end up with a mono signal comprised of left minus
>     right, which seriously drops the bass down, as well as introducing other
>     odd phasing errors.
>     What are you playing, though?  And how are you listening?  MP3s were
>     notorious for having crap bass, and a less than brilliant decoder
>     doesn't help.
>     And what do you mean by bad?  Distorting?  Lacking in bass?  Something
>     else?
>     For what it's worth, on my various PCs, the sound sounds the same
>     whatever OS is driving it.  For any file format (an ogg on Windows
>     versus an ogg on Linux, and so on, but not ogg versus MP3), and whether
>     using those crappy PC speakers, or the Wharfedales on the stereo system.
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>     important to the thread.)
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