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Tanguy Eric wrote:
I will have soon a new laptop with winxp. I would like to have fedora7
(when it will be out) running as an os on top of winxp. what would you
recommend to do that ? Wmware ? Which version ? Other solutions ?

When this system will run on top of winxp, is it possible to update, use
ethernet and wifi and bluetooth, ... ?

Thanks for the help
Yes, you can use vmware server to create the VM. If you you don't need
the other features of server (always running, console viewer optional)
you may want to uninstall server and install vmware player for a more
lightweight runtime. Player can't create new VM's, only runs one at a
time (but you can run multiple copies of player) and has the viewer
console tied to the running instance. You can only have one of player
or server installed at once, but either can run the same image after you
create it.
 Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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