help building 32-bit mplayer rpm on a 64-bit machine

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I have bought an Intel 64-bit machine and installed 64-bit FC6 on it.
Both the x86_64 mplayer.rpm from Livna and the x86_64 mplayer.rpm I
built from the SRPM on Livna are crashing when mplayer is started on a
known good .avi file that contains raw rgb data (so it's not a codec

I'd like to try ta 32-bit version of mplayer to see if it fixes the

In particular, I'd like to build the 32-bit version of mplayer on my
64-bit machine using (if possible) the Livna mplayer.spec file which I
think is used by Livna for both 32 and 64 bit architectures. What must
I change or input when I say "rpmbuild -bb mplayer.spec" on the

Also, will it tell me what 32-bit dependent packages I need?  

When I built the 64-bit version it spewed out a boatload of missing
dependent devel packages which I then used `yum' to install.  I fear
the 32-bit versions won't be available and I'll be consigned to
dependency hell for my sins.  Has anyone successfully built
mplayer.i386 on a multilib 64-bit machine?

Dean S. Messing
Sr. Scientist
Display Algorithms & Visual Optimization Lab
Sharp Laboratories of America

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