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On Wednesday 2007-05-09 00:57:26 Steven Stern wrote:
> Oliver Ruebenacker wrote:
> >     Dear Friends,
> >
> >  Some weeks ago, my employer gave me a Dell Latitude D820 Laptop with
> > an Intel Pro Wireless 3945 adapter. I installed FC6 and tried to make
> > the wireless work, but eventually got the impression that one has to
> > be a Fedora developer to be able to do that.
> >

C'mon, it's not that hard - 'yum install dkms-ipw3945 ipw3945 ipw3945d'
from freshrpms. Others have used atrpms too.

> >
> I just put FC7T4 on my Sony with the same basic wireless setup.  It 
> stays connected for about 30 seconds then won't reconnect without a 
> reboot. I'm going to wait for FC7 release to try again. For the mouse 

Don't have to, latest kernels solved this (I stayed online more than 2
hours). There are still some issues (suspend to ram/disk), but it's a
matter of insmod/rmmod and service NetworkManager restart.

> pad, install the package "gsynaptics" via YUM.  It will let you control 
> the touchpad and stop phantom clicks.

I had similar problem, but it just "fixed itself" after installing some xorg
packages (don't ask me which)...


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