Re: New Dell Inspiron 9400: From Vista to Fedora/Vista.

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Nat Gross writes:

On 5/7/07, Sam Varshavchik <[email protected]> wrote:
Nat Gross writes:

> I would like to have Fedora on it in a dual boot config.
> If I have to, I'll reinstall Vista (and free Win software) from scratch.

Are you really sure you can do that?

The Vista CD you have included with your shiny machine is, most likely, a
castrated "rescue CD" that merely copies over the original Vista install
image off a hidden, extra partition.  I'd be surprised if it even gave you
an option of choosing your partition layout.  More than likely it just wipes
everything clean and sets up an entire disk-spanning partition, again.

This is a Vista DVD and it seems like the complete Vista is on it.

Currently I am trying the rescuecd but, although it boots ok, it won't
startx, so I cant do gparted - yet.

Make me wonder if Fedora might also have gui problems on this.

More than likely. I'll probably get tired of repeating this: but you just can't pull a random laptop off the shelf, and expect that video will work flawlessly, in Linux. That's not the way it works.

Now, if you have the basic model, with the Intel 950 video, you might actually have lucked out, and there's a good chance that you'll get accelerated 3D out of the box. If, however, you "upgraded" to the ATI x1400 video option, well, you've upgraded yourself out of Linux video compatibility (although you should be able to get basic 2D video working).

Note that the preceding paragraph was based solely on the information I could easily pull off Dell's web site, and

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