Re: New Dell Inspiron 9400: From Vista to Fedora/Vista.

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On Mon, 2007-05-07 at 13:58 -0400, Nat Gross wrote:

> The question is which is the best way of accomplishing this:
> 1. Boot the Fedora DVD, and have it shrink the Windoz partition, install Fedora.
> 2. Get a 3rd party partition manager to reduce the partition, then
> install Fedora.
> 3. Boot Fedora DVD, wipe out partition, install Fedora and afterwards Vista.
> 4. Wipe out partition, install Vista and afterwards Fedora.
> Also key question. Would Fedora 7 differ then FC6 in this scenario?

#4 is the option you want.  Actually, just insert the vista CD, boot
with it.  And then during format options, you can remove the partitions
on there, and then recreate the partition you want vista on (you will
need to figure out how much space to give to vista and linux).  You
won't need to allocate space for Fedora, you can set those partitions
when you install Fedora.  Then just install Vista, once that is
completed, you can then boot up the Fedora install CD and there you go.
You can also just install grub/boot loader to the MBR (default I think)
in that scenario.  I don't know if you'll need a seperate /boot
partition or not, but other than that you should be OK with the rest.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

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