Re: kernel upgrade with yum removed old kernels

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On 5/6/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Nigel Henry wrote:
> I use Apt, not Yum, and personally think that this default behaviour of Yum is
> potentially risky.
> For example. You have a kernel installed when you installed FC6, and this
> works ok. You do a yum update, and a newer kernel is installed. For some
> reason this kernel does not work. Some time later after another yum update,
> another kernel update is installed, which removes your original kernel. If
> the latest kernel doesn't work, you are stuffed, as your original kernel,
> which did work has been removed by yum.

If you are running the kernel that works that won't be removed by this
plugin. If lot of kernels don't work the problems lie elsewhere.

> Personally I'm glad that I use Apt. I don't have to suffer this Yum stuff.
> 1:  Apt keeps all kernels. You decide which ones you want to remove.
> 2: Yum trashes all the downloaded files as default, once the update is
> completed. Apt saves them as default in /var/cache/apt/archives. If you are
> getting a bit close to critical on harddrive space , and don't need the
> archives, you can do an apt-get clean, and it will send them to the trash,
> but at least you are in control.

Note that both of these are just a matter of default preferences and can
be easily changed. The large majority of end users don't use dialup and

How do you know a user is not using dialup? More than half of my LUG
is on dialup and I'm in the middle of Silicon Valley!

have no requirement to save installed packages on the cache.


The "installonlyn" plugin is probably better suited to RHEL, not
Fedora Core. I do not have a RHEL license but my take is that RHEL has
fewer released kernel updates than a developmental product such as
Fedora Core. If the goal of Fedora Core is to test various packages it
really makes no sense for the testers (that's the entire FC user base)
to have stable or reference kernel packages pulled out from them.

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