Re: how to get dhclient to reconfigure link?

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Joe Smith wrote:
Mike Chambers wrote:
Well, if you can't find something/GUI/auto-type-program to do this for
you, then you can at least use below command to get it going again..

service dhclient (or whatever it is) restart

Well, that was my second try, but none of the available service names looked promising.

I've often wished for a way to list all the service names along with their description. The info is already in the scripts, but I don't know of anything that will generate a list.

I never collected my wits enough to try

$ grep -l dhcp /etc/init.d/*

but that's not the right answer anyway ;-)



There's a menu entry on my box for "SERVICES SERVICE MANAGEMENT" that starts a GUI that shows all the services and their descriptions (and lets you control them).



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