Re: GUI for mounting drives?

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On 5/2/07, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you have entries in /etc/fstab that are not auto-mounted, and are
user mountable, then you should get icons for them on the desktop.
But the mount points need to exist.

You may also want to look into gnome-mount. I think it can be
configured to do what you want...

Thanks for the fstab tip. I can definitely do what I want to do via
command line. I was just surprised to not find a GUI tool to do so.

I had looked at the man page for gnome-mount ... it states right in
there that it isn't really meant to me invoked by end users but rather
things like gnome-volume-manager ...  but gnome-volume-manager seems
to be pretty opaque as to its usage and meant to just run

I remember seeing a tool in either an Ubuntu LiveCD or a GNOME Desktop
preview LiveCD. I thought that something like this was part of the
standard tools.


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