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Aaron Konstam wrote:
> In the latest Linux Journal (may 2007) on the last page there is a
> discussion of the options using Network Computing through the web to do
> the same things an office suite does. The point is your can do this
> without having the software on your computer.
> You can go to: , and 
> and register free to use this service.
> I chose the google site , registered and created a word-like document.
> Everything was fine until I tried to print it. It prints but the page
> has a web address in the upper right corner that I can't get rid of. Has
> anyone tried this and found our how to get rid of the web address. Of
> course, I can use open office to open the file and then it prints ok,
> but this defeaters the purpose of the Network Computing.

Are you printing the document from your browser?  If so, it is more than
likely that the browser itself is inserting the URL.  Check the print
settings in the browser.  In firefox the settings are in "File-->Page Setup"
and you fix the headers/footers as you desire.

> Otherwise this is a very interesting service option. I can create a
> document on  a machine with a browser in San Antonio and manipulate it
> on a computer in Tokyo. Everyone should try this out.  
> The trip to Tokyo is not free :-)
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