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I always set up my machines with this network installation. I have a 10Mbit internet connection without any limitation. I don't have a DVD writer and I don't want to change the CDs 5 times every installation.
If you have more than one machine to set up you can create your own Fedora mirror and load the files from a local machine.

Cheers, Jan

On 5/2/07, Kam Leo <[email protected]> wrote:
On 5/1/07, Frode Petersen <[email protected]> wrote:
>  From :
> > Download a single small CD and install from the Internet
> >
> > Under the distribution 'os' folder (mirror list), in a folder
> > named 'images', you can find a small boot.iso file, which can be
> > burned to CD and used to start an Internet-based install. Please
> > be aware that there are reliability concerns associated with this
> > installation method, and it should probably not be attempted by a
> > novice user or the faint-of-heart. This method is often of interest
> > to testers.
> Have anyone any experience with this method of installation? If I
> install from a DVD, then most of the packages would be updated from the
> internet anyway, so why not start there?
> I'd like to know what those 'reliability concerns' are, though. Pro and
> cons, anyone? :-)

Network reliability and security are the two top concerns. Speed would
be next. You really should not try this if you are on a slow dial-up

> Frode

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