Re: Spell Checking 'trouble' words??

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On 08/04/07, William Case <[email protected]> wrote:

I would like to add somehow a list of words to my spellcheckers (aspell,
OOo,in particular) such that the spellchecker would pause at or
underline words that may not be misspelled but are nonetheless wrong.
For example, I would like to check every instance of my use of 'were' so
I can change it to 'where' if that is what I meant to write.  The same
for words like 'to' for 'too' and 'there' for 'their'.

I am not a good typist and have fallen into bad habits -- so it would be
nice to have a facility that would allow me to add and remove 'trouble'
words to a list as my habits change.

As anyone heard of such a program or fix or hack??
Regards Bill

Maybe you could just remove those words from the aspell dictionary.

Dotan Cohen

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