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Sjoerd Mullender wrote:
Dotan Cohen wrote:
The Hebrew translation of the Gimp is very difficult to use because
some items were reversed for Right-to-Left, but the places to click
were not. Therefore, I'd like to use the gimp in English while keeping
my locale Hebrew. I created a bash script in ~/bin called gimp and
added it to my path:
[dotancohen@localhost bin]$ pwd
[dotancohen@localhost bin]$ ls -l
-rwxrwxr-- 1 dotancohen dotancohen       32 אפר 22 10:44 gimp
[dotancohen@localhost bin]$ cat gimp
export LANG=C

[dotancohen@localhost bin]$ cat ~/.bash_profile

export PATH
[dotancohen@localhost bin]$

However, when I right-click a file and "Open with Gimp" it does not
open. What did I do wrong? Thanks in advance.

Dotan Cohen

The script calls itself, recursively.  Instead, change the call to gimp
in the script to use an absolute path name /usr/bin/gimp, and while
you're at it, also pass any command line arguments on.  So the line becomes:

/usr/bin/gimp "$@"

How do you get Gimp to print an Image instead of all text characters


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