Re: Post-installation problem with FC6

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On 4/26/07, Kam Leo <kam.leo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 4/26/07, Imran M Yousuf <imyousuf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Users,
> I am having a strange problem after installing Fedora Core 6. I could
> complete the installation successfully, but on the first reboot of the
> machine when it switches to GUI mode my monitor fails to render anything; I
> tried with 17 Inch CRT and 15 Inch LCD and result was same. The message for
> LCD is "Input signal out of range" and for CRT "Hz ?", So I am assuming that
> the refresh rate used by the OS is not compatible with the Graphics card. I
> would like to emphasize the fact that INSTALLATION WAS SUCCESSFULLY DONE IN
> UI MODE :).
> Now I started the FC6 in command prompt mode and not surprisingly startx
> fails with same message :). So I was wanting help on how I could start FC6
> in GUI mode; someone please help me. I have a hunch that I could supply
> argument to startx or xinit but not sure how to do that. Please help me.
> Thanks in Advance.
> Configuration:
> P4 2.66 MHz
> 1 GB RAM with 64 MB shared for AGP
> VIA Compatible AGP
> Rhine and RealTek LAN Cards
> Waiting for a reply.
> Imran

Reboot to runlevel 3. Do a "yum upgrade" to upgrade your system to the
latest packages. Reboot. If your system is still hung, reboot to
runlevel 3; e.g. at Grub menu prompt type an "a" and press "Enter"

Oops, omitted a "3" after the "a" above.

key. Log in as root.  Run "system-config-display" to specify your
graphics card and monitor. If the tests work go to runlevel 5, e.g.
"init 5".

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