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thanks for your answer. If fact, in a first time, I want to use a very basic authentication (pam would be sufficient). In a second time, I want to transfer this authentication in a LDAP server. My research concerns the first time.
Unfortunately, I don't speak spanish, if you a an english one...

Best regards

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez a écrit :
El Miércoles, 25 de Abril de 2007 18:51, Luc MAIGNAN escribió:
Hi all,

I 've setup an FC6 box (64 bits) with Postfix 2.3 , cyrus-sasl
installed. I want to configure a simple smtp authentication, but I can't
find a valid howto to do this (docs in seem to be obsolete).

Anyone has a procedure to do this ?


Well, what type of authentication are you looking for? Mysql one? PAM?
I wrote a HOW-To some time ago, but it's in spanish, if you still want it, let me know. Otherwise, be more specific on the list and I'll be pleased to help you.

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