Re: ->fc6: Pkg Installation - "may take several minutes" - 36 hours later!!

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On 4/25/07, sean <[email protected]> wrote:
Alan Cox wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Apr 2007 17:40:52 -0400
> sean <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Upgrading to FC6, off a hard disk partition. Text install
>> goes without error, until the Package Installation screen
>> appears. There's a popup:
>> "starting install process. This may take several minutes..."
>> That was 36 hours ago!
>> No disk access lights flashing.
>> This is a slow old machine 400mz, 128meg ram, but it runs fc5.
> 128MB is pushing it for an update but it will find and use your swap so
> it ought to be ok. 36 hours on I'd have expected the system to have
> finished (and if not to be thrashing the disk like a lunatic trying to
> fit stuff in swap)
> How much swap does the box have ?

There's a 1 gig swap partition. It's an old Gateway the I
use without X, just cli, as an internal firewall, dhcp
server, etc. I'd like to upgrade to keep all the little
housekeeping settings I've made over the years.

I'm also surprised it's not disk trashing - that's what I
expected. 36 hours might not be too long to actually install
  the packages.

But it never even started - no disk access light once the
Package Installation screen came up.

It there any way to check if anaconda actually finds the
swap partition ( Which shouldn't be hard - only one disk,
swap is hda2 )?
What shows on the other console (ctrl-alt-F2)?

Would installing the fedora-release rpms, and then yum
upgrade be a better strategy?

Definitely, since you won't go through two update cycles, i.e. first
install FC6 over older version and then update newly installed but
stale packages.


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