Re: am I hacked?

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Chris Tyler wrote:
On Sun, 22 Apr 2007 01:50:48 +0100, Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
Verily I say unto thee, that Martin Marques spake thusly:
peter kostov escribi:
I have logwatch installed, but I didn't know about it. Thanks for
pointing it out!
Configure it and make it run. It helps alot!
AFAIK the default Fedora setup is to install and run logwatch using
cron, every day at 4:02am.

There should be a file:


If it's there, and crontab contains an entry for cron.daily, then that
should be all the configuring it needs.

...Except that the reports are sent to root, and root's mail often goes

Peter, check root's mail -- if the logwatch reports are there, you can
edit /etc/aliases, find the line that says who should get root's mail
(the last line in the file), uncomment it, and change it to your user

  # Person who should get root's mail
  root:    put-your-user-ID-here

Then run newaliases and you should start getting logwatch reports.

Chris Tyler
Fedora Daily Package -

Thanks all for replying!

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