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On Fri, 2007-04-20 at 18:49 -0700, Mike Dwiggins wrote:
> OK,
>  I am trying to set up a second server which is going to have Master 
> Zones and Slave Zones so must be a full nameserver not a caching-nameserver.
> I did a complete virgin install of FC 6 and then did a
> yum install bind*
> I then went into /etc looking for named.conf,  all I could find was a 
> caching-nameserver.conf.
> The caching-nameserver.conf contained a comment line that said to use 
> system-config-bind to create a named.conf.
> A quick whatis system-config shows that there is no system-config-bind 
> command in FC 6.

yum install system-config-bind

> Being a rookie enough to have never seen a full nameserver named.conf I 
> have no idea how to proceed from here.
> Help!!!
> Mike Dwiggins
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