Re: Why is Fedora a multimedia disaster? - Here is why.

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Michael Wiktowy wrote:
On 4/17/07, Valent Turkovic <valent.turkovic@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok, I know that already. And if I was a "newbie" i probably wouldn't
even know how to find this mailing list.

My point is how would you answer to this question to your
wife/girlfriend or brother/sister or even mother/father? That is the
base or my question! And there is no answer that is good enough
because there should be a CLEAR distinction in extension for ogg video
and audio files IMHO.

The age of the separate audio and video media player is largely
passed. So they just double-click on it and don't worry about
eg: mpg avi asf etc.

As Rahul mentioned, newbs don't care about extensions. In fact, if
they have been running Windows, they have been conditioned to not know
that extensions even *exist* since Windows hides them by default (one
of my big pet peeves) and finding the dialog to enable them is not
newbie friendly.
While a newcomer might not do this, the nautilus window on my machines is always set to list mode. In this case an ogg file shows the type as:
  Ogg multimedia.  {i think detected by extension only}
But if you actually click on the file, the type might change to:
  Ogg Theora video  {I think detected using file}

I know where you are coming from but I don't think that this will be
traumatizing for newbs and may be somewhat simplifying since they just
have to know that it is media ... not audio media or video media and
have to find the right player.
For me, the clear answer is that the filename that the author of the content chooses to use should not be for example:
track 01.ogg
but something actually descriptive of the content like:
or some such.

Sure _ and . could be a little confusing but try putting other characters in a web browser URL ;) What I am saying is web sites / authors should ensure that the name of the file represents the content. Web site content generator software should not be generating download link names like: 54khldjfumhpeojng.dat {which is the sort of thing that some sites do}.


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