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   Hi Folks,

I'm looking for suggestions on how to create a failover setup at the office. At the moment I have a single FC6 machine that acts as our firewall. It uses iptables to allow inside (private network) traffic to get out (to the internet) and vice versa. The problem is, if this system were to go down in the middle of the night, I won't know about it till the morning and there are workers that come in early in the morning and can't get any work done because they have no connection.

So, if I setup a second machine to be a failover system, how do I actually get that accomplished? Network needs to be re-routed somehow when the primary goes down.

   The current layout is, seen from the outside:

   INTERNET ---> CSU/DSU ---> FC6 Firewall ---> HP ProCurve Switch

The ProCurve switch serves our local network (with private [static] IPs) The firewall is multihomed with one public ethernet and a private one.

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