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On Tuesday, Apr 17th 2007 at 12:24 -0400, quoth Neil Cherry:

=>Steven W. Orr wrote:
=>> =>I have script that will be running each 30 min running on many Redhat
=>> =>server to memory usage, and send the result if grand than for example 4
=>> =>Gigabits, to a Syslog server.
=>> I just lost you boy. You have a script. It wants to run every 30 minutes. It
=>> runs on RH servers. It's going to do something regarding memory usage. It
=>> will send some results if something is wonderful or peachy or marvypoo, to
=>> syslog.
=>He wants to run a script that sends a message to a central syslog server
=>when the memory usage is great than 4G. I'll guess that he really doesn't
=>have a script written but is looking to write one.
=>> =>B.O.
=>> fart smeller
=>I won't touch that one ...

Ok. Let's go with that. Do read syslog, but also read syslog.conf. Just 
create a new user facility and have your script call logger(1). The new 
facility will be forwarded by the syslog running on each machine (because 
of what you're going to add to syslog.conf) to a central server which will 
act as a collector for all of the messages. Q.E.D

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