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Arne Chr. Jorgensen wrote:

( note: this message may have occured earlier, while
I have not seen it on the list )

I hope to be excused as it was very complicated to
figure out the Fedora jungle of where to ask og
suggest anything.

When it crashes, you insert the software CD, and
somehow you will get going again.

My experiences with doing this is to end up re-installing and losing all my files that are not backed up. Heck, I hear the screams regularly from Windows users that have just lost their report that they were working on when Word crashes and there are no files left. I still cannot figure this one out.


When it crashes, you insert the software CD, but
instead of
the situation above, most of your work is lost !

Boot into rescue and go. But I have yet to run into a crash that required installing the Software CD. If I had a crash that bad, then I would be looking at hardware issues. My last major crash was due to a failing power supply and it was causing hard drive errors. Didn't require a re-install.


True/False ?
I suggest that the installation WILL have an OPTION
for installing the X-server. It can be on the rescue disk, for instance.

If anyone has a good tip as how to reinstall X in
I sure would like to know and hopefully rescue my
But frankly, I don't understand why such an option
isn't there in the first place.



BTW - it was the Add/Remove software packaged that
failed, it should only remove some graphical package,
but surprisingly removed the X-server as well. ( did look like it rolled back the depencies.. )

I have had this happen in Windows where removing a program would remove a required *.dll or worse, trash the registry file.

What command did you use? If you use the wrong command, then you can wipe out everything. Of course you can do this in Windows as well. You did read the dependency list before you said yes.

Now tell us the truth on how you removed your X-server? Inquiring minds want to know. :) We have all made stupid mistakes like the time I typed in rm -rf * in /root some years ago. Oops.

Due to the move to M$ Exchange Server,
   anything that is a priority, please phone.
Robin Laing

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