Re: format external drive ext3

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On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 14:11 +0100, Simon Andrews wrote:
> François Patte wrote:
> > If you want it linux file system formatted it is quite easy to do
> > (remember also that you will loose about 5% if you format in ext3,
> > because of the journal, do you need ext3?):
> That's not right.  A default journal size on an ext3 drive is 0.4% of 
> the drive which is nothing.
> The reason you lose 5% of an ext2/3 drive by default is because it is 
> reserved solely for use by root.  This is so that if you drive is filled 
> by a user you can still go in as root and have some space to help clean 
> things up without losing any data.  It also helps to reduce 
> fragmentation in your data (which gets much worse as the drive nears 
> becoming completely full).

a friend did that to an old Unisys 5000/80 I bought. He had some sortof
log running that ate up the monster harddrive that thing had, and there
was suddenly no room for the tmp logging to occur and the entire machine
went south. Sure, I could have called in the Sperry-Unisys guys but one
hour of their time was more than the monster was worth at surplus.
Another friend hauled it off to make a gun rack out of the cabinet, as
it had a locking door and he had a warped sense of humor. :) Ric


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