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DJ Delorie wrote:
My pvmoves do about 1.6Gb per minute (~50Mb/s).

If your drive can do 30Mb/s transfer, figure about 5 hours to copy
500Gb.  Remember, you're copying the WHOLE DRIVE.  It's big.
Makes sense... From the board manual it tells me it can handle up to 6 3Gb/s SATA drives - there's only two of them in there right now: Seagate Baracuda's (7200)... Maybe I should've shelled out for 10K drives. Ugh.

   Seagate says:

      INTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (Mbits/sec) _______up to 1030
      SUSTAINED TRANSFER RATE (Mbytes/sec)______up to 72
      EXTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (Mbytes/sec) ______up to 300

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