Using Fedora to create wireless access point on demand

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Truthfully, I'm not ready to start this project yet, but I thought I'd better start the research early. I have a Nokia N770 which once in a blue moon or so I would like to link to my in-home network with 802.11g or such, but I would prefer to not have a wireless segment for the network on a permanent basis. Otherwise, I'd do the obvious and purchase a wireless router. 8-)

What I have in mind is to have one of the Fedora boxes create a wireless segment to the lan when I plug a usb wireless adaptor in, and destroy it when the adaptor is unplugged. I assume that such would be best implemented through the hot-plug facilities, but after that point I'm rather at a loss for direction.

Has anybody seen such a setup created, or better yet, done it? I'd love to locate a basic howto obviously.

And for the record, no I haven't started with a web search yet. At this point I thought I'd get better results from living brains than a spidering robot...

Thanks for the use of the bandwidth.

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