Re: Problems with icons in gnome-themes-extras

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On 06/04/07, Alfredo Ferrari wrote:

I installed gnome-themes-extras from extras on a couple of FC6 machines.
Surprisingly they don't work properly, many of the icons (ie the main menu
one, those for the volume manager and others) stay at the default gnome
ones. This is not the behaviour one can observe on a FC5 system and
is effectively making the package broken

If you are certain it is a mistake in the packaging, please file a bug
report at -- product "Fedora Extras",
component "gnome-themes-extras".

Interestingly, the package is marked as orphaned since 2006-06-19, so
currently it has no package maintainer and won't be available for
Fedora 7 unless somebody wants to become the new package maintainer.

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