yum-presto - fast updates for Fedora 7

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Please go to:
and help beta test yum-presto.

Q: What is yum-presto? 
A: If you used updated on SUSE or Mandriva then you already know of this
feature. It is an update which doesn't download the whole RPM package
but only the difference between old and new RPM packages.

Q: Why use yum-presto?
A: I run a few machines with Fedora, some which I update regularly, and
some not so much. When I come to the machine which I haven't updated in
a few weeks there are usually around 100-200MB of updates! Even though I
have a broadband connection, it still takes a LOT of time to download
all of the updated packages. Yum-presto uses deltarpms which give you
only the difference between the old package which you already have and
the new one you want. So downloads are significantly smaller and a lot

Please help support this project so it goes through beta testing and
gets full support in Fedora 7. This project needs you!


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