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Les Mikesell <[email protected]> wrote:

> It's a traditional system so the sound card is on the back of the case > which sits in a desk and is a royal pain to get to. That's the one down > side of having a desk with a specific spot for a system. cdplay seems > to fit the bill. I can spin CDs and listen using the drive's audio > jack. I just mute the sound card. If I don't need to be under the > headphones, I just un-mute the sound with no contortions trying to reach > the back of the computer case. That's why they make extension cables. Add one long enough to have a connector you can reach - or a splitter so both can be connected all the time if the speakers have their own volume control that you can use. You'll need that if you ever rip the CDs and play the files which is much, much easier anyway. I'm surprised the speakers don't have their own headphone jack that mutes them - some very inexpensive sets do.
-- Les Mikesell [email protected]
I'll probably pick up a "Y" and an extension the next time at one of the local audio or computer stores. This just came up and it seemed absurd that I had everything I needed to be able to play a CD in the drive except a way to tell the drive to play the CD.
The next set of speaker I get *WILL* have a bypass headphone jack but
these don't. That's one of the things that has slowed down my hobby of
ripping vinyl LPs. Oh well. Next time.

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