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On Saturday 31 March 2007, Bob Hartung wrote:
>Hi all,
>   Here is the issue & I am a relative newbie:
>    I have a older Linux server with two partitions: /mammdata and
>/rgdata.  The latter partition is no longer needed as the storage
>requirements exploded and it was all moved to a NAS.  /mammdata is
>almost full.  Will this scenario work:
>1.  Back up all data on /mammdata (this is a SMB share)
>2.  fdisk and delete the partitions /mammdata and /rgdata1
>3.  create a new partition to use all the space no longer used by the
>two deleted partitions
>4.  mkfs.ext3 -jvL pt-data

You'll probably need a reboot here.  And DON"T forget to fix /etc/fstab 
before the reboot.

>5.  restore the backed up data from originally on /mammdata
>Thanks for you input,

Cheers, Gene
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