Re: why my FC6 start so slowly?

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Tim wrote:
On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 00:12 -0500, John wrote:
:) After all the years with Windows, the net doesn't get turned on
until everything is running.

You turn off the internet when you go off-line?  What about everyone
else wanting to use the internet?  ;-)

But being serious, if your modem/router is an important part of your
network, it needs to be up first.  You can make it less important, by
configuring static addresses into your computers, so that they only use
a modem/router for internet traffic.

I live in an apt, the heck with the neighbors... :) I have the router because I have like 12 boxes laying around here- easier to run patches that way. I run multiple nics with a hub or direct cable/cat5, in case I need to network something.

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