Re: Fedora 6: Firefox Browser Clicking Back

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I'm using the touchpad on a laptop. It doesn't have an eraserhead or other

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Subject: Re: Fedora 6: Firefox Browser Clicking Back

> At 8:53 PM -0500 3/26/07, rookie99 wrote:
> >I installed Fedora Core 6. It connects fine, but when I launch Firefox
> >begin to surf, the browser keeps clicking back to the page it started
> >one page at a time, for no apparent reason.
> >Is there a fix for this?
> Are you using the scroll wheel?  And clicking it?  Don't.
> Personally, I found a way to disable the middle mouse button.  I don't
> to do old-style selection-pasting, and I sure don't need middle-clicks in
> firefox.
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