Re: Where did my sound go?

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On 3/25/07, david walcroft <[email protected]> wrote:
Aaron Konstam wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-03-25 at 09:58 -0400, Jeffrey Ross wrote:
>> first this is an x86_64 machine running FC6.
>> I just updated the system with the latest updates with yum, two items I
>> noticed that maybe of interest that were updated are ALSA and the
>> Kernel.  Ever since these packages were updated I have lost the sound.
>> However... If I go to the sound card detection it play fine, run vlc and
>> the machine is silent.  The web browser is silent and so is the mail
>> client's (thunderbird) new mail notification.
>> The sound card in the machine is 06:02.0 Multimedia audio controller:
>> Ensoniq 5880 AudioPCI (rev 02) per lspci and the sound card detection
>> program says its module "snd-ens1371"
>> Suggestions?
>> TIA, Jeff
> Yes, go to alsamixer and adjust the sound and raise the sound in the
> sound chanels asn well as umute those with a MM at the base by typing m.
> I just had to do that when the installation of firefox2 screwed up the
> sound levels.

I have the same problem except Alsamixer is set correctly and I can find
"system-config-soundcard" at "/usr/bin/system-config-soundcard" but with
  no result,it will not run.Any other way to test my sound card.

In system-config-soundcard go to System tab, click  "Reload audio
drivers", click "Apply" button, then give sound test another go.


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