Re: sendmail - deferred mail - No route to host?

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>"Knute Johnson" <[email protected]> writes:
>> I'm running a FC5 box and using sendmail for my mail server.  A 
>> couple of days ago I noticed some mail not leaving and reporting 
>> deferred because of No route to host.  I tried to telnet to these 
>> mail servers and get the same no route to host error.  So it seems 
>> that they are in fact not reachable.  The odd thing is that they 
>> should be busy mail sites.  One of them is my own ISP's mail server.  
>Please post the traceroute.  There is no way to tell from the
>information you posted where the problem is.


I should have thought of that!

[[email protected] knute]# tracert -T -p 25
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte 
 1 (  0.512 ms  0.479 ms  0.283 
 2 (  3.851 ms  4.542 ms  5.286 ms
 3 (  10.443 ms  12.498 ms  13.131 ms
 4 (  16.877 ms  17.519 ms  18.124 ms
 5 (  18.761 ms !X  19.380 ms !X  
27.450 ms !X
[[email protected] knute]#

This just confirms what I thought and that is that my ISP has blocked 
outbound port 25 again.


Knute Johnson
Molon Labe...

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