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"Paul Smith" <phhs80@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear All

After today's updates, the command line is

[psmith@unknown-00-14-85-38-2c-93 ~]$

and before it was

[psmith@mypc ~]$

How can I replace unknown-00-14-85-38-2c-93 with mypc?

Thanks in advance,

Looks like a DHCP assigned host name. You may just need DHCP_HOSTNAME=mypc in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0. I don't see anything in today's update that should have messed with the machine name but a reboot to pick up the new kernel could have your system hitting the DHCP server to get it's IP address, etc.

The default hostname on install is localhost.localdomain so unknown-00-14-85-38-2c-93 looks like it was assigned.


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